Wyoming Leftover Draw Odds

Wyoming Leftover Draw Odds

2017 Leftover Drawing Odds. The following are drawing odds for the 2017 Hunting Season for each species drawn. These reports are in PDF format.
What do I need to Hunt; Draw Results; Drawing Odds. LEFTOVER LICENSE DRAW – Any leftover licenses from the initial draw will be distributed through a leftover draw.. Here is a guide on how to apply for the Leftover License Draw.
It was our first time hunting in WY, though we have 4-6 PP for most all spec.. But in the end, I would rather be hunting a leftover unit than no unit!. .. https://wgfd.wyo.gov/Hunting/DrawingOdds/2017-DrawingOdds Good luck .
Wyoming usually has quite a few tags leftover after the hunt draw.. Draw odds in some of these wilderness hunt areas can be relatively good, and if .
Wyoming hunting map feature.. Antelope feature high draw odds, success. . For a current list of areas with leftover doe/fawn antelope licenses, contact Game .

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